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Sri Lanka Council of Visually Handicapped Graduates logo

Sri Lanka Council of Visually Handicapped Graduates

ශ්‍රී ලංකා දෘශ්‍යාබාධිත උපාධිධාරි මණ්ඩලය

Let us light the lamp of wisdom to overcome the darkness of eyes

දෑසේ අඳුරට නැණ පහන් දල්වමු

Sri Lanka Council of Visually Handicapped Graduates logo
Sri Lanka Council of Visually Handicapped Graduates members are represent in this picture.

Sri Lanka Council of Visually Handicapped Graduates

Sri Lanka Council of Visually Handicapped Graduates is the only organization for the Visually Handicapped Graduates and undergraduates who live in Sri is situated in 694/1 D, Galle Road, Idama, Moratuwa.

It was originated in 1983, in a small room in the Clerical Services Company building, at Chiththappalam A Gardner Mawatha, Colombo. The first era of this, lasted till the end of the 80th decade. In 1993, this council was again renaissance with meddling of new personnel and in 2008 our Council was established.

Our Council consists of 300 graduates and 100 undergraduates at present.


  • Welfare of Visually Handicapped undergraduates is proceeded.
  • Providing solutions for the unemployment status of Visually Handicapped Graduates are proceeded.

The income of selling flags in schools at the project organized annually is used for the welfare of students. Our Council was the moan med fling institute of obtaining teaching appointments after 1983

Our Council was given active contribution in relation to the recruiting Social Development Officers in the year 2003.There in our Council has taken some procedures: discussions between Ministry of Education and Provincial Councils, activation of cabinet decisions which make easy for the Visually Handicapped, make aware the relevant sections constantly about the decisions are some of them.

It should be mentioned that there was a clamor in front of the Fort Railway Station on the 2nd of December 2000, to solve the employment problem of the Visually Handicapped Graduates. We were able to bring our problems forward to the public, since it was our first clamor done by this kind of institute.

Major achievements of our Council

The first CD named "Vikasitha Sith" was issued from our Council to commemorate the International Disabled Day held on 3 rd December 2010.It was sponsored by the Royal Norwegian Ambassador’s office. All the songs in the CD were created by the Visually Handicapped. A workshop has been held in order to select the best, and thus 16 songs were selected. These workshops were held with the help of expert lyricists. The singings of this CD were done by Visually Handicapped. For this 2 workshops were held with the help of efficient vocalists and 21 singers were selected. This CD can be mentioned as one of the important achievements of the Handicapped Community.

Our council is well prepared to honor those who serve for Visually Handicapped. Accordingly honor was bestowed those who acted the progress of the Visually Handicapped and the person who conquer the nature of Handicapped. Among them Professor D. P. N. Weerakkody, Adviser Mr. B. Jans, Businessperson Mr. A. Nwerdol, Vocalist Mr. Henry Caldera can be mentioned.