Sri Lanka Council of Visually Handicapped Graduates

Sri Lanka Council of Visually Handicapped Graduates is the only organization for the Visually Handicapped Graduates and undergraduates who live in Sri is situated in 694/1 D, Galle Road, Idama, Moratuwa.

Sri Lanka Council of Visually Handicapped Graduates originated in 1983, in a small room in the Clerical Services Company building, at Chiththappalam a Gardner Mawatha, Colombo. The first era of this, lasted till the end of the 80th decade. In 1993, this council was again renaissance with meddling of new personnel and in 2008 our Council was established.

Sri Lanka Council of Visually Handicapped Graduates consists of 300 graduates and 100 undergraduates at present.


  • Welfare of Visually Handicapped undergraduates is proceeded.
  • Providing solutions for the unemployment status of Visually Handicapped Graduates are proceeded.

The income of selling flags in schools at the project organized annually is used for the welfare of students. Council was the moan med fling institute of obtaining teaching appointments after 1983


The world consists of the spectrum which has various colors. Visually Handicapped people are a group who is unable to hold this spectrum. They showed their talent well through singing and playing musical instruments “Wikasitha Sith Gee” collection was issued by the Sri Lanka Council of Visually Handicapped Graduates. I contributed for their creation. Therefore, I understand and saw their talents.

The attempt that has been taken to socialize their abilities and talents, to widen the space it needs is praise worthy.

Musician – Mr. Nawarathne Gamage.

The way they look at the world is not like us. They also read books and newspapers like us through they can’t read letters written on a paper. They view the world. It is fortunate enough that the present technology has been progresses to give light to their world. Friends, I wish your unlimited attempt to read the world.

Ms. Kathyana’ Amarasinghe .